Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry offers carpet cleaning services in Chicago, IL. Continue reading to understand why some carpet stains reappear after cleaning:

Many people usually are surprised when they see stains a short while after cleaning their carpets. The expectation is that cleaning is supposed to get rid of every dust and dirt from our carpets and we shouldn’t have to deal with them for a while.

The truth, however, is that spots and stains sometimes appear on our carpets shortly after cleaning them. Here are the reasons why.


Wicking causes stains to reappear on the carpet after cleaning, and this is very common. When substances get spilled on our carpets, they tend to go deep into the carpet fibers and even into the carpet underpad in worse cases.

Normally, when you do the cleaning yourself, you are only removing the substances on the surface of the carpet. Therefore, the spill remains deep in the carpet fibers or under the pad. After you are done with the cleaning, the spill that remained travels through the fiber strands and finds its way back to the surface of your carpet. It travels just like a candle wick normally does, and that is where the name ‘wicking’ comes from.

You may wonder why there are stains yet you have not spilled anything on the carpet after cleaning it. Therefore, the stains you see are not new; they were the ones you didn’t take care of during cleaning. This is one of the reasons why some people prefer to hire professional carpet cleaners. These professionals will conduct deep cleaning on your carpet and get rid of everything that is stuck in your carpet.

A wet carpet is more susceptible to wicking than a dry one. For example, if your carpet is cleaned using the hot water extraction method and it doesn’t get completely dry, then wicking might take place.

The risk is higher if you carry out the cleaning yourself because you may leave the carpet damp. Besides, the majority of rental units cannot allow all the water to be extracted from the carpet fibers.


Sometimes the cleaning agents like shampoo and soap that we use on our carpets remain behind after cleaning the carpet. The carpet then becomes dry, but the residue remains in the fibers. These cleaning agents are very sticky, particularly soap and shampoo.

Therefore, they start to attract the surrounding substances such as dirt and grime. You will quickly notice the stains in areas with high traffic because the residue left behind will attract all the soil that people will keep leaving behind from their shoes.

The more people step on the carpet, the more stains your carpet will have. Dust particles will also settle on the residue and form stains. You may have noticed that your carpet get stains faster when you use the traditional carpet cleaning methods.

This is because residue is more likely to be left behind compared to when you use professional carpet cleaning services. Therefore, you should avoid using excessive soap while cleaning your carpet.

If you were wondering where the new stains on your carpet were coming from after cleaning it, you now know that the stains are not new. They are substances left behind in your carpet fibers during cleaning.