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As a carpet owner, it is essential to know the kinds of carpet warranties available in the market. It will then be easy to choose the type of warranty that best suits you. These are the types of coverage you can get when looking for carpet warranties.


This is the most common carpet warranty that most companies offer and is recommend for carpet in traffic areas in your home. However, many myths are surrounding the wear warranty which can be misleading. That is why you need to get the correct information about it because your definition of wear might be different from the manufacturer’s definition.

According to manufacturers, wear is abrasive fiber loss. Most people think that when a carpet changes its color, shading or crushing, then they can run to the manufacturer to claim their warrant yet these changes do not qualify as wear. Some conditions accompany a carpet warrant.

For example, the manufacturer may indicate the percentage of the carpet that needs to be exposed to wear before one can claim coverage for it. The average percentage is usually 10%, but this varies from one manufacturer to another. Another condition may be that only the worn part may be replaced with a similar carpet. Therefore, you need to know the requirements for a wear warrant before you sign up for it.


Each carpet can resist stains or minimize it, and this is referred to as stain resistance. Majority of the carpets on the market have been specially treated to enable them to withstand stains. You should know that various carpets have different stain resistance abilities. However, there is no harm in getting a carpet stain warranty. They can come in handy in cases where your treated carpet is unable to resist stains. Various carpet retailers and fiber manufacturers provided different stains warranties for different types of carpets.


You can go for a soil warranty if the accumulation of dry soil causes your carpet to change color. When you step on your carpet with shoes, some amount of soil is bound to stick to your carpet. The everyday household use can also lead to dry soil deposits on the carpet. Many people clean their carpets or take them for professional cleaning before going to claim coverage. It is important to know the rules of proper care and maintenance of your carpet to make sure you get your soil coverage when you need it.


This coverage applies when your carpet has been damaged or had a color change. These can happen when the carpet is exposed to light, both sunlight and artificial.


Not everyone offers pet stain warranties. Only a few carpet retailers have this coverage. The options for pet stain warranties vary depending on the retailers who provide them. The best thing to do is go to your local store and ask about their coverage options.


Although this does not fall under product warranty, it is equally important. Problems can occur during the initial installation of your carpet, and this is where this coverage comes in. Flooring retailers who have professional installers will do a good job of installing your carpet, and you may not need this warranty. Some retailers provide lifetime installation warranties when you buy your carpet from them.

Several types of carpet warranties require homeowners to schedule routine carpet cleaning each year. To maintain your warranty, call (708) 795-5932 for Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry carpet cleaning. We provide deep cleaning to remove dirt, bacteria and toxins from your floor.