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Area rugs are available in many types out there and, in fact, choosing one can be an uphill task especially if you are not well armed with the right information. What types of area rugs do you have at home or office? Would you like to learn about as many types as possible? Well, here are some of the most popular types of area rugs you’ll find out there in the market:

Types of Rugs According to Shape

Area rugs can be put into different types according to their shapes. Different homeowners desire different shapes depending on the shapes they would like to cover. Some shapes are also considered to be the best when it comes to beauty and improving home’s décor. What shape do you love? Here are the most common types of shapes for area rugs:

  • Rectangular shaped area Rugs
  • Round Rugs
  • Square shaped area Rugs
  • Oval shaped Rugs
  • Octagon

These shapes are good for different spaces and rooms. For decoration purposes, get those that are perfect for the space you want to enhance its beauty by throwing an area rug. If you are not sure about the shapes, always seek the help of pros. You’ll definitely get the best shape that will bring out the best effect.

Types of Area Rugs According to Material

Many materials can be used to make different types of area rugs. They give rise to rugs with different looks and feel. In fact, when choosing a rug, be careful to consider the material used. It determines durability and feeling as well as the look and how often you will need to schedule professional rug cleaning. Some of the common types of area rugs according to material include:

  • Wool Rugs
  • Jute Rugs
  • Synthetic Rugs
  • Silk Rugs
  • Cotton Rugs

These materials have different features. It’s, therefore, good to assess them carefully and look at their features before you decide to take any of them. If you want to enjoy comfort and warmth, then cotton and wool rugs can be the best option for you.

Types of Area Rugs According to Crafting Technique

Different crafting techniques give rise to different types of area rugs. Some techniques involve the use of more than one material. Away from that, it’s good to note that the crafting technique determines the final feel and look of the final product. Also, there are hand and machine techniques as well. Here are some types of rugs according to the crafting technique:

  • Knotted Rugs
  • Tufted Rugs
  • Woven Rugs
  • Braided Rugs

You can choose any of these rugs depending on your needs and preferences. The most popular among all these types are knotted and woven rugs. Now you know the options you have when it comes to types according to crafting technique.

Indeed, there are many types of area rugs. You can choose one for your home or office depending on the shape, the material used or crafting technique. Whichever option select, make sure that you pick the best rug that will add beauty and comfort to your space. Finally, go for high-quality and durable options.

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