BEST WAYS TO VACUUM vacuuming image

Every carpet owner knows that he or she needs to vacuum his or her carpet. However, few people have an idea of the correct way of vacuum to ensure that the carpet lasts for a long time and it keeps looking good. These are some of the tips you can apply when vacuuming your carpet to get best results and protect your carpet.


The first thing you should do before you touch your vacuum cleaner is to walk through your carpet in search of small objects that are not supposed to be vacuumed. For example, if you have kids, they might leave their toys on the carpet. Someone might drop some pins, clips or paper. These items can get stuck in the vacuum when cleaning the carpet, and they can damage your machine. That’s why you should pick them up using your hand before you start vacuuming.


Do not be in a rush when vacuuming your carpet. Take your time to do it right. Therefore, the process of passing the vacuum cleaner on the carpet should be done slowly. Just move it back and forth with no hurry, and this will ensure that the vacuum cleaner picks up all the dirt and dust on the carpet fibers. Therefore, your carpet will be immaculate. Move the machine in one direction and then bring it in your direction.

When you are done with one area of the carpet, move to another area. One great trick is to let the vacuum overlap on the cleaned section just to take care of the area that the vacuum head might not have touched due to lack of suction in that area.


Continue using the method we’ve mentioned to vacuum the carpet until you are done with the whole area. However, if you want your carpet to be extra clean, you should do the same process but in the opposite direction. You don’t need to do this every time you vacuum. However, it is advisable to perform this step once in a while.


You should empty the canister when you notice that it is full. This is part of routine vacuum maintenance and cleaning. When your canister is full, it will make reduce the suction power of the machine. Therefore, whatever cleaning you’ll be doing will not be very effective. It is advisable to empty it when it is three-quarters full.


Your vacuum has hose attachments that it came with. These hose attachments help to vacuum places that are usually hard to reach. You can also use it on your upholstery. When you do this, your home will be spotless.

It is crucial for you to know how to carry out vacuuming. It might seem as simple as pointing the machine towards your carpet, but there’s more to it. You should also read the instructions from the manufacturer on how to correctly maintain the type of vacuum cleaner you have. Buying the right vacuum cleaner that best suits your need will go a long way towards ensuring good results when vacuuming.

Be sure to vacuum many times each and then schedule carpet cleaning each year to best care for your carpet. Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry offers superior carpet cleaning and healthy results you will love! Call (708) 795-5932 today!