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Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry provides superior area rug cleaning for your home in Chicago. Continue reading to learn how to choose the right size rug for each room in your home:

When it comes to choosing the best rugs for your home, you not only need high-quality and beautiful ones. You also need those that will fit perfectly into the spaces you want to cover with them. However, you need to know that no single answer solves the problem of getting the right size of area rugs to buy. It’s about making the right assessment of the room, the furniture and layout as well. Here are the guides for different rooms that can help you get the right size for area rugs.

Living Room Area Rug Size

For your living room, you don’t want a rug that goes right to the wall but instead one that leaves a leeway between the wall and the rug. However, you need to be precise in estimation, so you don’t leave a lot of space. In most cases, a good area rug for this room should be proportionate to your coach. Let it just run beyond the couch and the seating area. With such a rug, your living room will look awesome.

Bedroom Area Rug Size

How big should your bedroom area rug be? Should it match your bed or cover much of the bedroom space? Well, generally, bedroom area rugs should be large. You definitely do not want to wake up on a chilly morning to step on the bare cold floor. Therefore, get a rug that will provide a great look, warmth, softness and the right bedroom texture.

Dining Room Area Rug Size

If you have kids at home, you’ll need a dining area rug that will meet your family needs. Good ones should be large enough to completely cover the area under the table and beyond. Also, there should be enough space to slide dining chairs in and out without getting hung up or hooked on the edge of the area rug. Also apart from getting the right size, make sure that you get stain resistant rugs because there will definitely be spills.

Office Area Rug Size

Are rug size requirement for an office will definitely be a little bit different from that of a home. For an office, a good area rug should ideally be rectangular or square shaped and mimicking the lines of the office. It should neither be too large nor small but should just fit the office space. The four legs of chairs or tables should be on the rug with a small space for movement. That way, you’ll have a nice looking office space that gives you the comfort you need to carry out your daily office duties.

Whenever you are buying area rugs, you’ll always need to be sure about the size, texture and the look. That means you have to be sure of the space that you want to be covered by the area rugs. Each room in your home has different dimensions and requirements for area rugs. If you keep in mind all the above tips for each room and office, you’ll get the best area rugs for your home or office.

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