worn down carpet

When you properly maintain your carpet, it will serve you for a long time. However, that does not mean that you will use it forever. It will reach a point where you will have to replace it. Here are some of the signs of carpet wear that you need to watch out for.


Cleaning the carpet yourself may get rid of the surface stains. You need professional carpet cleaning services to flush out the stains embedded deep in your carpet. Majority of carpets are stain resistant, and so you will not see many stains especially if you clean it regularly.

However, the treatment given to these carpets fade with time and your carpet remains unprotected. Over time you will notice that some stubborn stains will still be on your carpet even after cleaning and examples of these include plant food, wine, and bleach. These substances get into the carpet padding and result in the buildup of mold and mildew. That is why the stains will refuse to come off. When it gets to this point, and you find yourself using rags and furniture to cover up the stains in your carpet, just know that the carpet has been exposed to wear and it is time to get another one.


It is normal for a carpet to have a lingering smell if you have not cleaned it for a while and particularly if your pets have relieved themselves on the carpet. It is a different case when you still have that lingering smell even after cleaning the carpet thoroughly. This is a sign that the bad smell has penetrated your carpet fibers and it is giving off the smell from deep within the carpet. It may also be a sign of mold and mildew on the carpet. Therefore, your carpet has worn off.


Do you know that you can use a carpet to a point where it gets rips and tears? This happens after using a carpet for a long time (most probably years). And it often happens on carpet on stairs too. Things wear off with time, and the same applies to your carpet. When you see tears on the carpet (especially huge ones), your carpet has completed its duty and served you well. A carpet professional can fix small tears, but huge rips and tears mean you need to replace your carpet.


Carpet padding provides support to your carpet. If the padding is taken away, what remains is a layer of fabric. Carpet padding acts a foundation, and that is why you feel comfortable when you walk or lay on the carpet. It also serves a sound buffer and makes a room quieter. As a carpet absorbs spills, so does the padding. Cleaning the carpet does not guarantee that the padding has also cleaned. With time, the padding starts to wear off too. Wrinkles, unevenness and a crinkling sound are some of the signs that padding had grown old. Therefore, you need another carpet and padding.

Everything gets worn out at some point. It is essential to know when your carpet has worn off so you can replace it. When you see the signs mentioned, you will know that you need a new carpet.

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