stretch carpet

Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry in Chicago offers healthy carpet cleaning for homes and businesses. Learn about whether it is time to restretch your carpet below:

It is essential to take care of your carpet to make it last longer. However, this doesn’t mean that your carpet will not wear out. All carpets wear out at some point no matter how durable they are. The good news is that you don’t need to buy a new carpet after every few years. Sometimes, what your carpet requires is stretching to enable it to serve you for a few more years. Below are signs that your carpet needs stretching.


A carpet is supposed to be flat after installation. Therefore, you may realise that your carpet seems to be wrinkles, lumps or it looks rippled. This is a sign that your carpet needs to be stretched by a professional so it can be flat and smooth again. Another thing you may notice with your carpet is that it may be pulled up and this is especially the parts that are located at the edges of a room. Carpets should appear tucked in these areas, and if they don’t then, it tells you that they are in need of stretching and repair.

It is important to note that there are some signs that only a professional can detect. Therefore, when you notice the signs mentioned here, you can have a professional look at your carpet. He or she may notice things that you didn’t notice, and he or she will tell you if your carpet needs stretching.


If you want to know whether your carpet is loose, then the best areas to check are the corners or edges. When a carpet has loose edges, it needs to be stretched. Usually, tack strips help to fix carpets to the floor and help them to be intact. There’s a test you can carry out to help you determine whether you need to stretch your carpet.

Get an owl tool to the middle of your carpet and put it around one inch up, from the floor. After that, get the awl tool away from the carpet and see how the carpet falls back to its original position. If it snaps back quickly then it is good, and it doesn’t need stretching, but if it takes time, then that carpet needs to be stretched.


Look for signs of damage on your carpet to know whether it needs some stretching. The best place to check is the base structure of the carpet because this is the place that usually has cuts and other damage. If a significant portion of the carpet’s bases is destroyed, then the area surrounding it tends to get loose.

You should make a habit of checking your carpet fibres to see if the base of the carpet has cuts. If you want to get a better look at the carpet pile, then a flashlight can help you do that. If the cut on your carpet is significantly large, then you need to stretch your carpet immediately.

Stretching your carpet in time can help to rapid further tear and wear because it will put your carpet in a better position. Therefore, your carpet will serve you for a more extended period.