There’s nothing more precious than those first few days home with a new baby. Parents, especially first-time parents, want everything be 100% perfect and safe for the baby’s first few days at home, which includes the cleanliness of the home.

You will want to clean all the surfaces throughout the home, especially surfaces the baby could interact with, which includes the carpet. A carpet is a hotbed for germs and bacteria and you will want them removed before allowing your baby to nap or crawl on the floor.

But, is carpet cleaning safe for babies? After all, there are several cleaning chemicals and products for sale that contain ingredients that can be harmful to people, with babies being extremely fragile and at risk of health issues.

To be 100% sure the carpet cleaning service you hire for your home is safe for babies, you will want to research a few things:


Research local carpet cleaners in Chicago to find the companies that advertise “all-natural”, “chemical-free” or “green carpet cleaning” on their website or promotional materials. Companies are not legally allowed to make such claims if they’re not true. For further proof, you could request certification prior to agreeing or scheduling an appointment.

This is very important because there are many cleaning chemicals used on carpet that contain acidic ingredients and sometimes bleach. You do not want to expose a newborn baby to the fumes from these chemicals.


Find a company that is certified by the IICRC or another accredited association to ensure the carpet cleaner you choose has the experience necessary to safely clean carpet in a home with a baby.


Find services with reviews from parents or reviews that mention “children” or “family” to see if the customer was happy with the service and would recommend the company to other parents.


You will also want to avoid steam cleaning companies and carpet shampooers that use too much water during their process. These companies use soap to attract dirt and germs and then gallons of water to rinse that soap from the carpet. This leads to dirty, contaminated brown spots and saturated carpet that won’t dry fast.

Wet carpet is a common source of mold in a home. You do not want mold in your carpet with a baby in your home as mold is known to cause respiratory issues and other ailments.


Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry offers carpet cleaning safe for babies thanks to our green-certified solution, The Natural®. The Natural is on the FDA GRAS list and is toxin-free for safe cleaning.

We use 80% less water than steam cleaning companies and low-quality choices to ensure your carpet is dry soon after an appointment. You won’t experience brown spots or mold after we are done cleaning in your home.

You can schedule an appointment online or call (708) 866-0032.

From all of us at Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry, congratulations on your new baby! We wish the very best for you and your family in these special times.