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Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry offers professional rug cleaning for your home. However, below are tips for standard rug care. Learn more:

Area rugs only add beauty, provide warmth and comfort if they are well maintained and on a regular basis. For some people, the only time they take their rugs for cleaning is when they are dirty and already affecting their health. That should never be the case if you want to enjoy all the benefits that come with having well-maintained area rugs. Care is vital, and you should embrace it if you want to cut replacement costs. Here’s is the best way to take care of your rug and keep it looking good:

  • Routine Vacuuming

Routine vacuuming is the first and most important task when it comes to care and maintenance of rugs. The goodness with this is that you can do it yourself without having to seek the help of a pro unless you don’t have a vacuuming machine. That aside, vacuuming needs to be done on a regular basis especially if you have kids and pets at home. Once, twice or thrice a week can be okay depending on your situation.

  • Shake Vigorously

For small area rugs that are easy to handle, you can take them outdoors and shake them vigorously. That will help get rid of debris, dirt, and dust from the rug. It’s not a tough job, and it takes a few minutes. In fact, some people do it on a daily basis, and it works well. You can also do the same if you want to keep your rugs clean and free of debris, dust, and dirt. For the best results, hang it on an outdoor rail and beat it up with the back of a broom or anything else provided you do not damage it.

  • Rotate the Rugs in High Traffic Areas

Area rugs that are placed in high traffic areas will always wear faster as compared to those that are placed in areas that are not frequented a lot. Rotating them often can thus help in distributing the wear and tear evenly. Though it will finally wear and get torn, let the damage be spread evenly and not just be in specific spots.

  • Hire a Professional Cleaner

Even with all the maintenance activities that you often do to keep your area rugs clean, you need to seek the help of cleaning professionals to help you clean your rugs and remove all dirt. Remember that professionals are people who do this job on a daily basis. As a result, they know what it takes to keep your rug free from dust, dust mites, bedbugs, debris, and stains. Therefore, seek their help as often as possible.

Don’t leave your rug to stay for weeks, months or even years without taking the above measures to keep it clean. Some of these care measures are simple things you can do alone without having to spend anything. Therefore, try your best to ensure that your rug is kept well. It increases durability and keeps you safe from health problems caused by having dirty area rugs at home or office.

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