remove shoes

Shoes are one of man’s best inventions. They protect our feet from excessive cold or heat, dirt, dust and other things that would otherwise give us great discomfort.

However, does that mean we should wear them indoors? This is the question we are going to answer today.

In most cultures, people leave their shoes at their door. However, people in the United States and other areas are yet to adopt this trend.


Here are just a few reasons why it is a good idea to remove your shoes indoors:


According to scientists, 40% of shoes carry bacteria. When you wear your shoes inside the house, you are spreading the bacteria in your home. Researchers discovered that shoes could pick up approximately 421,000 units of different types of bacteria such as meningitis, Klebsiella pneumonia, and E. coli among others. Who knew such a simple act of wearing your shoes inside could expose you to numerous diseases? You wouldn’t want this especially if you have toddlers crawling all over the floor.


Shoes usually contain dirt and grime and wearing them inside the house makes the house dirtier. Therefore, you will spend more time and energy cleaning. It also means you will spend more money on cleaning products. You can avoid this by not wearing your shoes indoors.

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When you expose your hard floors to more wear and tear resulting from wearing shoes indoors, the surface will have more wear and tear. This is because you will continuously clean your carpets to remove the dirt.  A lot of cleaning and scrubbing will make your floor have more wear and tear. Therefore, you will have to replace your floor coverings sooner. Although shoes cause a minimal tear and wear on the floorings, we cannot ignore this fact.


Remember the saying, ‘good neighbors make good friends.’ Well, it is advisable to have a good relationship with your neighbors, and the action of wearing your shoes indoors might make this difficult. When you move around the house with your shoes, you create a lot of noise for those living downstairs. This is particularly for people who live in apartment buildings in urban areas.


There is a kind of comfort that comes from removing your shoes and putting on slippers when you enter the house. Yes, your shoes may be very comfortable, but you cannot compare the feeling to when you are out of them and into slippers. It is also healthy for your feet because they can breathe freely and you can wiggle your toes as much as you can.

Also, the act of taking off your shoes when you get home and putting on something more comfortable is a sign that you have left the outside world and you are relaxing in your haven which is your home. Just be sure to put on slippers or socks because bare feet are very bad for carpet.

Some people cannot imagine walking around without shoes whether indoors or outdoors. If you did not have reasons not to wear your shoes indoors now, you do. You can introduce the culture of not wearing your shoes inside the house, and other people will follow.

You will clean less, your shoes and floor will last longer, you will feel better, and you might even get a smile from your neighbors.