I’m sure you have ever noticed a once new and good looking carpet looking old, dirty and worn out after a while. It might have been your friend’s family member or even yours. The sad reality is that carpets do wear out and there’s nothing we can do to stop that.

However, we can delay the process and make sure that your carpet keeps looking good and serving its purposes for a longer time. All you need to do is apply these tips.

Reduce Foot Traffic

Regular foot traffic is the number one reason for carpet wear and tear. You may have noticed that areas with high foot traffic such as staircases have more wear compared to areas with less foot traffic such as your bedroom.

There are different things you can do to reduce the impact of foot traffic on your carpet. For example, you can avoid stepping on the carpet with shoes; you can have a heavy underlay installed with your carpet or use carpet runners and rags to take in part of the damage caused by foot traffic.

Attend to Spills

A spill may turn into a permanent stain if it is not handled with time. You may say that it’s just milk and not wine but even milk can become a stain. Therefore, you should endeavor to clean spots as soon as spills happen.

If you don’t, that stains will accumulate and with time, you will not like how your carpet will look. A clean damp cloth is great for cleaning spills and remember the secret is to blot it, not rubbing it in.

Routine Maintenance

If you don’t take good care of your carpet, it will wear out no matter how good it looks now. Therefore, you should do things like vacuuming your carpet regularly to ensure your carpet is clean, free of bad odors and is in good condition. It is not enough to just vacuum; you need to hire a carpet cleaning company to carry out deep cleaning occasionally. They will use steam or dry cleaning to get rid of particles that are stuck deep in your carpet.

Do not wait for years to hire a professional carpet cleaner or until you see visible signs of wear on your carpet. Make it part of your carpet maintenance schedule. You will realize that even your manufacture recommend you have your carpet professionally cleaned once a year. They are the experts and the fact that they recommend it means it is of great significance. Also, most manufacturers have this clause as part of their warranty.

Therefore, you need to have carpet professional cleaned once in a while if you want to enjoy your carpet warrant.

Use Carpet Sprays

A damaged carpet will most likely have a musty smell. This is because of the different particles such as skin cells, dirt, and pollen that get to the carpet and if the carpet is not vacuumed, they start giving off the sour odor. Carpet sprays will provide a temporary solution to this smell. The smell will diminish long enough to enable you to clean the carpet.

These tips are quite easy to follow. Just follow them, and you will see amazing results.

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