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Rugs not only make our spaces to look beautiful but do also change our comfort and the way we feel in the room. However, not every rug can do that. It’s only those that are made of the right materials that offer you these benefits. That’s why you need to understand the best fabrics when you get out there to buy your rugs. What fabrics do you love? Here are some of the popular area rug fabrics you should know:

  • Wool

Wool is a popular fabric primarily because it can handle heavy traffic and last longer. Besides that, it’s very comfortable to work across, and comes in many colors due to its ability to absorb dye. Also, wool rugs can be put in any room including the living room because it’s stain resistant. If you need something that won’t be hard to clean when there are liquid spills, then this is a perfect choice. Just hire a certified wool rug cleaner. Spills might be absorbed, but it takes time. Indeed, this is material that is worth trying especially if you want to avoid stepping on the cold floor.

  • Silk

Silk is a popular rug material due to its softness and beautiful look. If these are the features you want for your rug, then you need to try this material. However, it might not be good to put it in traffic areas as it is not durable and easily absorbs liquid spilled. But when combined with other materials such as bamboo and wool, they make a good blend that can be used to make fantastic area rugs. Such rugs are good for family rooms, bedrooms and others.

  • Cotton

Cotton is a highly versatile material that has multiple uses including in the manufacture of area rugs, clothing, table linens and others. Just like wool, it’s durable and is easy to clean. Also, it absorbs dye easily, and thus area rugs made of cotton can come in any color. The material is soft and hence perfect for area rugs used in bedrooms, guestrooms, and other spaces.

  • Hemp

Hemp has been in use for centuries in the manufacture of textiles. It’s also a popular fabric for area rugs probably because it is sustainable since the plant it’s extracted from (cannabis plant) easily grows. It’s naturally durable and tends to soften with use. It might not, however, be the best material if you want soft area rugs.

  • Leather

Area rugs can also be made of leather. It’s durable and is readily available. Besides that, it easily absorbs dyes, and that’s why leather area rugs are available in many colors and patterns. When there are spills, cleaning isn’t a hassle since you can easily wipe up. However, wiping has to be done right away before the spills are absorbed.

Bamboo and jute are also popular area rug materials. If you want to get the best, ensure that you check factors such as durability, sustainability, texture and where you’ll locate your area rug. Most importantly you need to consider the ease of caring and maintaining your area rug and how to clean it when it’s dirty.

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