dining room rug

Our favorite way to add a bright colors or a pattern to a room is to decorate with area rugs. We love area rugs because they’re convenient and not too costly.

Instead of having to paint an entire room to add more color or buy new, expensive furniture you can place just one area rug in the floor and it will become the focal point of the entire room.

Here are some tips on how to decorate with area rugs and brighten the style of your home:


If you are placing an area rug in a living room or sitting area, be sure the rug is large enough so that it lies underneath the front legs of each piece of furniture.

For area rugs in bedrooms, place the rug under the bed so that it stretches out from each end at least one foot or longer.

One of the most popular places to decorate with an area rug is in a hallway. You will want to place the rug in the center of the hallway with at least 6 inches of space on each side. Be sure that the rug covers the entire traffic area of the space to avoid uneven wear patterns across the surface or discomfort for anyone walking in the hall.


The purpose of an area rug is to provide contrast. If a room is painted in neutral tones, you will want to use a brighter, colorful rug as contrast.

If a room is already bold and bright, consider using a more subdued and neutral tone rug on the floor.

You can complement the rug with other small pieces of décor.


One of the best parts of decorating with area rugs is that it is very easy to change them from time to time. An area rug isn’t very expensive so you can buy multiple and rotate them from time to time for a new look in your home.

This allows you to schedule deep cleaning for the area rugs that are not being used. Rugs are a beautiful piece of décor but only if they’re clean.

You can decorate with area rugs in rooms with carpet too. Most of the time homeowners choose a neutral carpet. This allows you to place a rug with bright colors or a fun pattern over the carpet. Doing this will also help extend the lifetime of the carpet beneath the rug because it won’t wear down as fast.

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