Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry offers carpet cleaning Chicago residents can trust! Learn about common DIY carpet cleaning mistakes below:

We all want clean carpets which translate to clean homes. That is why we take the issue of cleaning carpets seriously. However, there are mistakes that people typically make when cleaning their carpets. Here are some of them.


Failure to clean up spills correctly and in time is the fastest way to damage your carpet.  Carpet professionals say that although removing a stain is considerably easy, the task becomes even easier if you clean the stain immediately.

This is because spills usually get deep inside the carpet fibres if you don’t take care of when as soon as they happen. The stain may then begin to destroy the carpet fibres depending on the type of stain. In the end, you will have to replace your carpet if the spills get to other areas of the carpet padding.


As a carpet owner, you should be aware of the type of products that are suitable for your carpet. Many people make the mistake of using any cleaning product on their carpet, and this ends up damaging the carpet. A carpet is constructed of delicate materials which can be easily damaged if you use strong chemicals on it. It is normal to feel confused and overwhelmed by the numerous cleaning products you will see at the store.

However, you need to read the labels attached to the products to know which one you need to use on your carpet. If you still find yourself confused, then you can hire a professional carpet cleaner because he knows the best products to use and which ones to avoid.


Many people just buy new cleaners and proceed to use them on their carpets which is dangerous. It is important to always test a cleaner before putting it on your carpet. The same applies to an odour neutralizer.

Some cleaning products even leave stains on the carpet. Sometimes, we have a piece of the carpet that was left during installation. This is the best material to test your cleaner on because you will see how it will react on your carpet.

If you don’t have the material, then you can pick an area of the carpet that is not easily noticeable and test it there. In case the cleaner doesn’t react well to your carpet then it will not be visible compared to when you test it on your entire carpet.