Even though most people do not like to vacuum, they are grateful for the vacuum cleaners because they help to keep their homes clean. Unfortunately, vacuum cleaners cannot clean themselves. Therefore, we have to make sure they are clean and in good condition to ensure they continue serving us well.

Vacuum cleaners come in different types. That is why it is essential to read the instructions from the manufacturer because it will tell you precisely how to take care of your vacuum cleaner. However, you can follow this guide for the general way of cleaning a vacuum cleaner.


  • The first thing you should do is remove the canister and get rid of the vacuum cleaner bag. It is advisable to this outdoors or in your garage.
  • Take all the parts of the vacuum cleaner that can be removed apart. This will make sure that you clean every part thoroughly.
  • Check the beater bar for any hair or string that might have gotten tangled up there. Remove that string or yarn using a pair of scissors.
  • Disinfect the bottom part of your vacuum cleaner using some alcohol on a cotton pad. The alcohol will make your vacuum cleaner to dry on the spot, and it will disinfect it too. The bottom part of your vacuum cleaner moves all over the house while you are using it to clean. Therefore, it is the dirtiest part (maybe as dirtier as the contents of the canister). Failure to do this might make you and your loved ones sick.
  • Go back to the canister or bag you took up and clean it. Washing or wiping it will do. Once you do that, let it dry completely before putting it back into the vacuum cleaner. Do not forget to wipe the seals too during cleaning.
  • Use a damp piece of cloth (microfiber is recommended) to wipe every part of the vacuum cleaner. If you want to go an extra mile in the cleaning, you can put your favorite all-purpose cleaner on the microfiber cloth and use it to clean the vacuum cleaner.
  • Read the instructions from the manufacturer on how to change or clean filters. Most filters require washing and rinsing. However, you need to be sure that it is completely dry before you put it back into your vacuum cleaner. If you don’t, the dampness might encourage molds to grow on your machine.
  • You are done with cleaning your vacuum cleaner. However, if you want it to be extra clean, then you can check for scuff marks resulting from the woodwork. If you find them, use alcohol on a cotton pad and rub it on the scuff marks. They will fade away. If you want your vacuum cleaner to resemble a new machine, then this is what you need to do. Many people do this before they put their vacuum cleaners up for sale.

The carpet might be clean but if the vacuum cleaner is not then you are doing zero work. Every time you vacuum the carpet, you stir up the germs on the vacuum cleaner which get to the carpet and becomes a danger.

Vacuuming is one of the most important things you can do for your carpet to avoid initial signs of wear. Therefore, you want your vacuum clean and operating correct. The other most important thing is scheduling deep carpet cleaning each year. For carpet cleaning in Chicago, call Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry at (708) 795-5932 today!