The most common spot or stain on carpets is a large brown stain often in the middle of wall-to-wall carpet. The stain is so common it has its own named and is called “browning” or “carpet browning”.

If you have a large brown stain in the middle of your carpet, you are not alone. Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry removes brown spots from carpet every day. We are able to clean them because we know exactly what causes them and today we will share with you exactly what are brown spots on carpet and how you can avoid them in your home.


The main reason for carpet browning and brown stains is moisture. You never want your carpet to be exposed to too much moisture. When it is, several issues can occur. Issues include mold growth and carpet browning.

There are three ways a carpet can receive too much moisture that can lead to brown spots on the carpet:


Do you live in a home that always feels humid? Humid homes are prone to carpet browning as the humidity creates moisture in the home that rests on the carpet then permeates into the carpet pad and pools there. That pool then rises to the surface and pulls up all the dirt in the carpet on its way. When the moisture reaches the surface of the floor it appears as a large brown spot in the center of the area.


Minor water damage emergencies can lead to carpet browning. These emergencies include severe weather outdoors or leaks in plumbing, roofing or windows. You should check the seals on windows often and inspect the condition of your roof in warmer months of the year to ensure it is leak-proof. You can also hire a plumber once a year to provide a routine inspection of the piping and plumbing in your home.


One of the most common reasons brown spots occur on carpet is due to hiring steam cleaners or using rental carpet cleaning machines that require too much water to operate. What happens with steam cleaning and these machines is that they use an excessive amount of water to attempt to remove the soap and detergents in their cleaning process. Too often, the service or machine is then unable to rinse out all of the water from the carpet and the remaining moisture later transforms into carpet browning.

You can avoid this by hiring a low-moisture Chicago carpet cleaning service like Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry. We use 80% less water than steam cleaning companies in Chicago and have over 20 years of training professionally cleaning carpets in the area.

You don’t have to be one of the millions of homeowners experiencing carpet browning. Just hire Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry and you won’t have to worry at all!