The Pros and Cons of Shag Carpet | Should I Get Shag Carpet for My Home?
The Pros and Cons of Shag Carpet

Pros and Cons of Shag Carpet

During the 1970’s there was a craze for shag carpeting. The long, lush, vibrantly colored fibers made lounging on the floor a favorite pastime for both children and adults who couldn’t resist the allure of its thick, luxurious piling of shag carpet.

Today, when one thinks of shag carpeting, the idea might invoke memories of the two-tone green carpeting still lingering in their grandparent’s wood paneled den. But there’s a new shag on the block. It’s chic and stylish, and it’s making waves with trendsetters who crave something that gives the appearance of being both fun and sophisticated. Here’s a look at what the new shag carpeting has to offer.

Shag Carpet

Pros of Shag Carpet:

Visual Appearance

The appearance of luxury. For those who desire an elegant or sophisticated look, shag fits the bill entirely.


When cleaned and maintained regularly, they provide a well-cushioned underfoot feel that invites lounging upon. Shag can be great padding for toddlers still finding their feet in learning to walk.

Seemingly Invisible Seams

For large rooms, wider than the standard 12 or 15-foot widths of carpeting, seams will be a necessary evil for full coverage. But because the pile of shag is so long, it hides seams very nicely, giving the appearance of one congruous seamless carpet.

Cons of Shag Carpet:

It Catches and Traps Everything

Seriously, just about everything, you can think of gets trapped by its fibers. Pet hair, dirt, dust, dander, crumbs, lint, and dirt, food crumbs, spills, and just about any other tidbit or morsel you can imagine. Staining occurs quickly and easily. Shag may be lovely for a bedroom but is probably not the best choice for a dining room or area where food and dirt are abundant.


Those who suffer allergies might want to just keep looking if shag seems like something that would complement their décor nicely. Just like all the other things that can nestle down into its fibers, allergens can make shag their permanent oasis. This can cause ongoing or constant flare-ups that will have even prescription-strength antihistamines struggling to provide relief.


Does not “bounce back” after compression such as that found in high traffic areas. You’ll easily be able to tell where the most traffic passes through your home as the shag becomes matted down into impromptu pathways. This is an aspect that most owners do not appreciate.

High Maintenance

Shag is notoriously challenging to vacuum. You might need a good amount of upper body strength just to push the vacuum across its surface. The long fibers get sucked up into the vacuum cleaner creating a drag that can be difficult for some to push a vacuum through.

Overall, while shag can be the perfect addition to a home with chic décor and an upscale vibe, it is not a good idea for high traffic areas or those homes with small children or pets.

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