When choosing the carpet for your stairs, you need to pay attention to some factors. Stairs and landings get a lot of traffic on a regular basis. You need to choose the best type of carpet for traffic areas if you are buying carpet for your stairs.

Most of this traffic is directed towards the center of every stair step. Apart from foot traffic, people typically drag heavy items up or down the stairs to avoid doing a lot of work. That is why you need a carpet that will take the demands of stair use. Here are a few types of carpets that will work with your stairs.


A heavy domestic or extra-heavy domestic carpet is one that has gone through extensive tests compared to the rest of the carpets. This carpet has the highest ability to withstand the pressure that the stairs are subjected to. However good your carpet type is, it is advisable to add a hard-wearing under-pad of excellent quality. This is especially important around the edges of the stairs steps and the nosing.

If you are working on a tight budget, you can buy a premium quality underlay which will leave you with some money for a good carpet but of slightly lesser quality. It is advisable to do this because the underlay will help the carpet to last longer.


There are three categories of carpets you can choose from, and these are natural, synthetic and blends of man-made:


Wool carpets are natural carpets. Wool has some good qualities which make it a great choice for the stairs. It is naturally retardant to fire, can resist stains and contains an intrinsic insulation factor. Also, this carpet needs less care and maintenance compared to the synthetic ones. You may have noticed wool carpets in hotels and conference rooms. Hotel owners prefer them because they are ideal for high traffic areas. Therefore, they can do well on stairs too.


Synthetic materials are man-made. Polyester, polypropylene, and nylon are examples of synthetic carpets. One of the main reasons why people like synthetics is because they are more affordable than the natural fibers.


Blended fibers often consist of wool and synthetic fiber in a percentage of 80 to 20 respectively. Blended fibers are great for stairs because they have the warmth of wool and the hard-wearing properties of synthetics.

When it comes to choosing carpet pile, you should go for the low and dense ones. This is because they can endure a lot such as footprints and vacuum marks. The low dense carpet is good at hiding these marks. Berber carpets are an ideal option because they all have looped fibers whether they are woven or loop-pile.

These carpets have heavier yarns, tight weave and heavier fibers which enable them to take tears and pulls. If you are living with pets that have claws, then you should opt for the twist pile because it is not prone to snagging when the pets scratch it.

It is wise to invest in a solid color carpet because they can hide dirt and wear for a long time. Even if you get an excellent carpet, the dirt and wear will be seen if the carpet is a light color.

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