office building carpet

We’ve provided our recommendations for the best carpet for stairs, basements and traffic areas. Today we will provide some information on the best carpet for commercial floors.

Commercial properties have also embraced the culture of installing carpets on their floors. A carpet meant for a commercial property should be resilient, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. When making a decision, you should also consider the amount of traffic that the carpet will be exposed to and the type of maintenance the carpet needs. Let’s look at some of the best carpets for commercial properties.


These are among the best carpets you can buy for a commercial place especially for places like classrooms, health care facilities, and lobbies because of the high traffic in those places. Cut pile carpets have medium durability, and they are available in different decorations. The carpets have different thicknesses. Also, your feet will feel very soft under this carpet.


If you want a wall-to-wall carpet that covers a large surface, then broadloom is a great choice. These carpets are typically installed by being nailed or tacked down. Thus, it will not be subjected to shifting or moving. This carpet does not have seaming which means that dirt will not be able to penetrate it. The good news is that the broadloom carpet will keep on looking new and dirt free for a very long time. However, you should know that this carpet requires professional carpet cleaning services to keep it in good condition.


Level loop carpets are available in the same height but different weights and thicknesses. They are uncut, and their structure makes their level surface very smooth. It is important to keep in mind that how tight the loops determine how resistant the carpet will be to matting and crushing. Therefore, the tighter, the better. Level loop carpets prevent dirt. Also, they are very easy to clean. Their properties make them suitable for both residential and commercial places.


This carpet has many similarities with the cut pile carpets. For example, it is also of medium durability, has many decorative options and serves high traffic areas very well. Cut and loop carpets can hide dirt and grime properly because its fibers have many heights. Therefore, if you are looking for a carpet for an official place, you have gotten one.


One square foot carpet tiles can be combined to create a continuous carpet. If you are looking for an alternative to big carpets, then you should consider the carpet tiles. The best part about them is that you don’t need to replace the entire carpet tiles if a particular part gets damaged. You simply take out the affected area and put new tiles. Therefore, it will not cost you much to maintain it. Also, there are a variety of designs when it comes to carpet tiles. You can play around with different tiles to develop many looks.

Choosing a carpet for your commercial property may have seemed like a daunting task, but we have narrowed them down for you. All you need to do is choose the one that suits you best.

You will want to schedule professional carpet cleaning for your commercial floors two times each year or more if you serve customers at your location. Arevalo Bros Chem-Dry in Chicago provides commercial services for several local businesses. Call (708) 795-5932 for a free estimate.