basement carpet

Carpet serves our households well. That is why some people prefer to have them in the basement too. However, installing a carpet in your basement is not the same as having it in your living room or kitchen or on your stairs.

Most basements do not favor carpets intended for long-term use. That is why you need to be sure about your decision and commitment to putting a carpet in the basement before you get started.

Also, it is advisable to solve any water problems like leaky gutters in your basement before you install carpet. Basements have higher water levels than above ground places. That is why it is essential to waterproof it.

Here are some recommendations for carpet in your basement:


There are two types of synthetic fibers, and these are the natural fibers and the manmade or synthetic fibers. If you are looking for carpet for your basement, you should consider synthetic fibers because they have a higher ‘breathable’ capacity. This means that these carpets are unable to retain moisture in the manner that natural fibers keep moisture.

Most of the time basements are damp because they are down below the surface. That is why you should use the floor covering materials that can withstand high moisture levels. Many homeowners opt for synthetic fibers because it can release moisture and this significantly reduces the risk of mold or mildew growing on your carpet.

Also, many carpet manufacturers and retailers provide synthetic material when you buy a synthetic carpet. This backing gives the carpet additional ability to breathe. However, make sure to check if the backing provided is synthetic.

Berber carpet

Many homeowners prefer Berber carpet because it is affordable, easy to install and lasts longer. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be confused about the type of Berber carpet to choose because you will. They are available in three main types.

  • Natural wool types come from sheep. This carpet is not only soft but also durable. However, the natural wool carpet is best cleaned by professional carpet cleaners. If you take it for cleaning regularly, you may never have to buy another carpet for your basement. A square yard costs approximately $80.
  • Nylon is a form of synthetic carpet fiber, and it is popular. Homeowners like this carpet because of the high qualities that synthetic fibers have as we have mentioned before. The carpet can resist stains, can accommodate foot traffic and the weight of furniture. The best part is that it does not require a professional carpet cleaner. Therefore, you can do the cleaning yourself whenever you like and save costs. A good nylon Berber carpet typically goes for $25 to $60. You can have this carpet in your basement for up to 20 years.
  • If you are looking for a very cost-effective Berber carpet, then Olefin is the answer. Olefin is also synthetic although it gets very oil when it is being manufactured. After that, the manufacturers thoroughly rinse it before being putting it for sale. It is common to find dirt and various fibers in the olefin carpet because the residual oils attract them in it. This carpet costs $10 to $25. However, it usually seems worn out faster compared to wool or nylon. When buying olefin Berber carpet, you have the option of choosing between the loop and cut-loop style. They both have drawbacks regardless of which one you choose. Loops catch and hitch a lot particular if you have active children or pets at home. Also, when a loop gets caught and fails to break, it can pull up the whole row or many rows or even pull up other loops. If this happens and the damage becomes extensive, you may have to bid your carpet goodbye. The carpet may ‘fall’ with time even if it does not get hitched. Foot traffic and furniture weight are enough to cause the loop to have extensive wear. That is why the Berber might appear ‘used.’ Cut Berber, on the other hand, is more long-lasting compared to loop. However, with time it also wears and may resemble a pile carpet.

You should know that the carpet options provided are for dry and finished basements. If your basement is dry, you can choose the style of carpet you want.

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