bare feet carpet image

Have you ever asked yourself whether going barefoot indoors is good or bad? Have you ever visited someone and they insisted on you leaving your shoes at the door and going inside the house barefoot?

Well, this is because most people believe that being barefoot on the carpet is good because it prevents the carpet from getting dirty. Sorry to burst your bubble but this is wrong. It is better to put on socks, slippers, or rubber soled shoes than to step on the carpet with nothing on your feet.

Studies have shown that the human skin naturally releases moisture which comes out as oils or sweats. When you are barefoot, the sweat or moisture will move to the carpet, and some traces of it will remain on your carpet fibers. Body moisture and your carpet do not make a good combination. This is because the moisture in the carpet will attract surrounding dust and dirt.

Soil will get attracted to the moisture, and this will accumulate over time. It may be difficult to notice this immediately because the dust, dirt, and dander may be in insignificant amounts. However, with time you will notice the damage done and eventually brown spots will start to appear on your carpet.

There is evidence that shows that our feet are the sweatiest part of our bodies. Therefore, when you walk around the house barefoot, you sweat a lot and sweat nurtures bacteria. Bacteria usually has a foul odor, and that is why you might find your feet, and the carpet smells bad.

If you want to prove this theory, just take a whiff at the insides of your shoes (especially men shoes or closed shoes for ladies) after wearing them for an entire day. When your sweat makes bacteria grow on the carpet, it will destroy your carpet fibers and give off a bad odor.

Also, the bacteria can grow unpleasant things on your carpet which can later become spots. Therefore, you need to protect your carpet and make it smell fresh by not stepping on it with your barefoot.

It is funny that some of the practices we engage in to protect our carpet destroy them. An excellent example is walking barefoot on the carpet. Many people will tell that they go barefoot while in the house to protect their carpets not knowing that they are doing the opposite. It is not easy to stop a habit, but you can train yourself.

One way of making it easy to stop going barefoot on your carpet is to have a pair of clean slippers that you wear inside the house. Having a pair at the door is also a good idea because it will be easy for you to put them on immediately you enter the house. It will also make it easier for your guests to develop a habit of putting on slippers when they visit you instead of going barefoot.

The carpet salesman or carpet cleaners may not have told you how going barefoot affects your carpet, but now you know. As the saying goes, ‘Knowledge is power.’ Therefore, you have the power to make your carpet look good and last longer.

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