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Persian rugs have, indeed, stood the test of time to remain rugs of choice among many homeowners. They are probably the oldest rugs on the market, but their wide variety of styles and designs make them the best. In fact, they can add beauty to any home. To give you an insight into these popular rugs, here is all you need to know about these awesome rugs that are the talk of every homeowner.

Valuable Persian Rugs are Handmade

If you love these types of rugs and would like to get the best for your home, then, first of all, make sure that they are handmade. So why handmade are not machine made? Well, when they are made using machines, they lose their originality, charm, and durability. Real Persian rugs should be handmade. But how do you differentiate handmade from machine-made rugs? It’s simple. Bend it back and if you see rows of knots then count yourself lucky. That’s a handmade, original, durable and high-quality Persian rug.

How Are These Rugs Made?

Persian rugs are made in a unique method that involves passing the woolen strand under only one warp then over as well as around the next. Specialists will tell you that this is called a single knot. The single strand allows for the creation of flowing outlines and, of course, more elegant looks because the single knots occupy less space. Aside from that, Persian rugs are made from five materials namely:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Animal hair
  • Jute
  • Silk

When buying them, you should check the material carefully to find out whether it’s low or high-quality material. Cotton is usually the best and is loved by many homeowners because it’s strong, does not easily lose shape, allows fine weaving and lasts long if you take care of your rugs and keep them clean.

How to Identify Genuine Persian Rugs

Due to the popularity and high-quality nature of Persian rugs, some people have come up with some other fake Persian rugs that they sell to unsuspecting buyers. You, therefore, need to be cautious when buying, so you don’t fall victim. So how can you identify genuine Persian rugs? Well, genuine Persian rugs have a label at the back and are made uniquely using one looping knot.

What to Consider When Buying Persian Rugs

With all these awesome things said about Persian rugs, you definitely want to have some for your home. To get the best ones that will add beauty to your home, you need to consider two most important things. First is the rug size. Get one that fits the space you want to cover at home. Secondly, consider the age. An antique Persian rug (100 years old) is a valuable item, and in fact, its value tends to increase with time. You will need to be careful about scheduling rug cleaning for these types of rugs.

Indeed, Persian rugs are not only good for your home but have amazing history and facts worth knowing. If you want to add beauty to your home, get these amazing rugs, and you’ll see the change. They come in many patterns, designs, and colors. Choose the best and enjoy the beauty and comfort provided by these rugs.

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