oriental rug

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If you’ve been buying rugs for many years, you already know oriental rugs. However, there’s a lot that you cannot get about them unless you have read about these popular types of rugs. If you want to get a deep understanding of these rugs, then you’ve come to the right place. Many people confuse them with Persian rugs, yet there is a clear difference between these two types. Here are the details about oriental rugs:

  • Their Origin

Oriental rugs are hand knotted in Asia, and some of the biggest exporters of these popular rugs include India, Iran, Russia, Tibet, Nepal, Turkey, Pakistan, and China. However, don’t confuse them with Persian types that are only made in Iran. So if you need these types of rugs, make sure you check the country of origin before you go ahead to acquire them for your home or office. Only get the original types, and you’ll enjoy the beauty and comfort of having oriental rugs.

  • What to Check when Buying Oriental Rugs

It’s important to take the time to judge your rugs before going ahead to buy them. But what should you check, so you get genuine oriental rugs? It’s simple, but many people usually miss the point because of a few mistakes that you can overcome. Remember that you can only be satisfied if you get the right thing and not anything labeled out there as oriental rugs. Some of the most important aspects include:

  • Country of origin
  • The Condition of the rugs
  • Age
  • Quality
  • Condition
  • The kind of weave
  • And others

Due to the popularity of oriental rugs, there has been an emergence of other fake rugs that you can buy if you are not careful to assess your rugs before buying them. Therefore, use the above points to judge oriental rugs, so you get the best ones that will last longer and add the beauty you want to your rooms.

  • Real Oriental Rugs Increase in Value Over Time

Provided you get hand-made oriental rugs that are nicely made, rest assured that they will increase in value over time. In fact, when you are out there looking for these rugs, one of your assessments should include finding out if they are hand or machine made. Good and original oriental rugs should be handmade. As a reminder, know that only hand-knotted oriental rugs are the genuine ones you should buy. Any other type even if it’s labeled oriental is fake if it is machine made and sold out there as oriental.

When you decide that you need these rugs, you need to do everything possible to ensure that what you buy is the right type. With these details, you’ll definitely make the right evaluation and get what you deserve. Now you know where they come from, what they are made and how they are different from Persian rugs. Let these details always be at your fingertips when you go out there to buy oriental rugs for your home or office. A good buyer seeks information before making a purchase decision.

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